Session 49:
Demography of Income and Wealth Inequality

Thursday, May 1
3:30 PM - 5:20 PM
2nd Floor

Chair: Harriet O. Duleep, Urban Institute
Discussant: Reynolds Farley, University of Michigan

  1. Immigrant and Native Asset Accumulation: The Issue of Long Term Immigrant AssimilationSherrie Kossoudji, University of Michigan; Stan Sedo, University of Michigan

  2. Housing and Wealth Inequality: Race/Ethnic Differences in Home Equity in the United StatesLauren J. Krivo, Ohio State University; Robert Kaufman, Ohio State University

  3. The Financial Assimilation of U.S. ImmigrantsUna Okonkwo Osili, Indiana University; Anna Paulson, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

  4. Economic Well Being in Old Age: The Role of International Migration in MexicoRebeca Wong, University of Maryland

Other sessions on Economy, Labor Force, Education and Inequality