Session 106:
Biodemography of Human Fertility

Friday, May 2
12:30 PM - 2:20 PM
Directors Row 3
3rd Floor

Chair: Maxine Weinstein, Georgetown University
Discussant: Christine Bachrach, National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), NIH

  1. Young Ovaries Extend the Life Expectancy of Old Ovariectomized Mice: Biological and Demographic Implications for HumansJames R. Carey, University of California, Davis; Shelley Cargill, University of California, Davis; Hans Muller, University of California, Davis; Gary Anderson, University of California, Davis

  2. Do Late Children Indeed Enhance Female Longevity? Findings from the European Royalty (1790-1939)Ulrich Mueller, University of Marburg

  3. Dads and Cads: Parental Cohabitation and the Human Sex Ratio at BirthKaren Norberg, National Bureau of Economic Research

  4. Kin Effects on Fertility. Evidence from Bejsce’s Parish Register Reconstitution Study: 18th-20th Century, PolandKrzysztof Tymicki, Warsaw School of Economics

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