Welcome to the meeting website for PAA 2003! This website maintains a complete record of the scientific program of the meeting. Use the menubar at the top to access the program by topic, day and time, or participant, with links to all the sessions and abstracts.

Picture of Phil Morgan
S. Philip Morgan
PAA President

Picture of Christine Bachrach
Christine Bachrach
PAA Vice President

Program Committee

The co-chairs of the 2003 Program Organizing Committee were S. Philip Morgan, PAA President, and Christine Bachrach, PAA Vice President. They named an organizing committee of PAA members from the Research Triangle and Washington DC areas.

Research Triangle

  • Claudia Buchmann
  • Beth Corder
  • Larry Corder
  • William A. Darity
  • Thomas DiPrete
  • Kathie Harris
  • M.E. Hughes
  • Ken Land
  • Paul Leslie
  • Ken Manton
  • Marjorie McElroy
  • Angela O'Rand
  • Emilio Parrado
  • Frank Sloan
  • Eric Stallard
  • Jim Vaupel
  • Zeng Yi

Washington DC

  • Ann Blanc
  • Natasha Cabrera
  • Lynne Casper
  • Anjani Chandra
  • Rebecca Clark
  • Jeffrey Evans
  • Bob Kominski
  • Larry Long
  • Karen Mason
  • Susan Newcomer
  • Audrey Singer
  • Laura Shrestha
  • Steven Tordella
  • Robert Weller